The skinny on fats and which you should be eating

physical mastery Aug 19, 2020

“The right fats can heal; the wrong fats can create massive havoc.”
- Dr. Mark Hyman

There is so much confusion these days about dietary fat. We have seemed to make a pendulum swing from super-low fat diets to high fat ones. Fat - once demonized - seems to have made a comeback these...

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What the heck is a bio-hack? And, yes, we drink coffee….

A dear friend of mine read my first blog post and was puzzled by the term bio-hack. So before going too far I wanted to address her question and explain how bio-hacking relates to health, performance and happiness.

I listen to Dave Aspery’s podcast on becoming “Bulletproof” and...

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This is your life


I am so glad you are here. I’m eager to share with you valuable, actionable bio-hacks that will not only make you feel better but enhance your performance at work, home and play.

So many of us are: “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” as Joe Cross boldly asserts in his movie by...

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