Introducing – A New Way to Be

Becoming RESILIENT one habit, breath and moment at a time. 

Resilience isn’t just about bouncing back from an adverse event. In our tumultuous, ever-changing, fiercely connected, and competitive world, stressors battle for our attention constantly. It's time to reclaim your freedom.

You came here for a reason. Your life is about to change – for good.  
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A New Way to Be: Becoming RESILIENT one habit, breath and moment at a time is a complete guide to embodying resilience and becoming happier, healthier, and more successful in all aspects of life. Providing a new perspective on resilience, the book will help you to recalibrate and reset your nervous system. It will also help you to regain control of your hectic life by urging you to establish robust and practical wellbeing habits – one habit and moment at a time.

Monica seamlessly weaves together evidence-based research, personal inspirational anecdotes and stories, and time-tested practices, providing you with an enjoyable way to learn and implement the tools to cultivate transformative habits, rewire your brain, and ultimately attain a state of serene, graceful, and unwavering resilience."

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There comes a time when you hit the wall.

Sometimes it’s because of a life-altering event that brings you humbled to your knees, or it could result from the relentless flood of stress and external demands that you face each day. Here is your opportunity to rewire your brain and create a brand-new world on the inside. In fact, A New Way to Be is about creating A Brand New You – a You who embodies resilience, vitality and profound wellbeing.

If you are finally ready to welcome more ease and fulfillment, this book will expertly guide you
on the path to achieving just that.

Within the chapters, you'll embark on an exploration that covers:

  •  A fresh perspective on resilience, including a self-assessment to gauge your current state  of resiliency.
  • The art of eliminating overwhelm accompanied by an audit to assess its impact. Building resilience necessitates conquering overwhelm.
  • The neuroscience of sustainable behaviour change and how to harness its power to forge a new way to be. Neuroscience stands as your best friend on this quest.
  • Diving into the three pivotal pillars of resilience: Physical Mastery, Self Awareness, and Intentional Orientation.

Resilience for Teams, Retreats, and Conferences Bundle:

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Provide a transformative reading experience for your team, retreat participants, or conference attendees.

Each participant will receive a copy of "A New Way to Be," offering them a comprehensive guide to cultivating
resilience and thriving in today's fast-paced world.

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"Unlock Your Resilience:
A New Way to Be Workbook"

Enhance your transformative journey with the comprehensive "Unlock Your Resilience" workbook, thoughtfully crafted to complement your exploration of "A New Way to Be." This invaluable companion is designed to guide you through immersive exercises, additional learning, and bonus materials that will empower you to embody resilience, elevate your well-being, and achieve lasting results.

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Team Resilience Workshop:

Elevate your team's cohesion, performance, and well-being with a dedicated Team Resilience Workshop. This dynamic session, available virtually or in-person, is led by Monica. During the workshop, participants will:


Engage in interactive discussions and activities that explore the principles and practices of cultivating resilience.


Discover how to navigate challenges, setbacks, and stressors while maintaining a focused and positive mindset.


Learn actionable strategies and techniques to foster personal and collective resilience, resulting in increased productivity and job satisfaction.


Receive personalized guidance and insights tailored to the unique dynamics of your team, retreat, or conference.

What Readers Are Saying:

"“A New Way to Be” presents you with exactly that: a refreshing, energizing, and more empowered way to live! Monika’s perspective on resilience is worth immersing yourself in, because you’ll have thoughts like, yeah that’s me, those are my struggles as you read. I cannot think of a more comprehensive, evidence-based, and relatable book on this topic, a MUST READ for anyone needing to free themselves from their chaotic present. I enjoyed reading it, I’m certain you will to!"

Elena Sherwood
Relationship Expert, Author of Greatness Finds a Way

"I laughed out loud when the author wrote about her bookshelf full of partially read self-help and personal development books. Unfortunately, we've all been there. Too much information; too little action. Well, this book is different! It is loaded with questions, audits, inspirations and challenges designed to spur us to action. With warmth and honesty, Monica Bodurka tells how a major health challenge enabled her to finally, truly embody the resilience building practices she teaches. Her hard-won understanding and compassion make her the ideal guide to becoming more resilient in our own lives. Many self-help gurus understand the science or know how to weave a great story, but Monica actually understands how real people build real resilience while living real lives. She's done it herself and she's taught it to many others. In A New Way to Be she lays out a refreshingly simple approach to building resilience in our lives 'one micro habit, breath and moment at a time.' She says, "It is possible-and it is time." And it is. With this book off the shelf and spurring me to action, it's my time. If it's your time too, open this book and begin. "

Michele Milan
President, Centre for Mindful Leadership and Chief Curator, Mindful Society Global Institute

"With fresh takes on practical guidance, this book offers shelter from the storm of modern life. Handy tools include the 'Overwhelm Audit' and the 'Own Your Morning' challenges, as they help lay the foundation for a new you to rise up. By providing clear action steps and intelligent re-framing, the author closes the gap between what you might know you should do, and what's stopping you from doing it. Ultimately, it's a total renovation of the concept of 'resilience'. It's not about what you do after a setback, it's all about prepping beforehand. For the reader, that means you walk on steady ground while also having a lot more fun and fulfillment every day. To put it simply, if the wellness of your soul is of great interest, then 'A New Way To Be' is of great use."

Jelena Adzic
Canadian Arts & Culture Reporter

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