Thriving Through Perimenopause & Beyond

A transformative 5-week program designed specifically for
women ready to change their experience around menopause
using yogic and holistic practices.


Keep reading if this describes you:

✔️ You feel overwhelmed by the symptoms of perimenopause

✔️ Restless nights, unrelenting exhaustion, and frustrating brain fog are becoming your new normal.

✔️ You are tired of hearing that discomfort and stress are just "part of the process".

It is time & it is possible

✔️ IT IS TIME to reject the notion that these disruptions must dominate this phase of your life.

✔️ IT IS POSSIBLE to regain control and feel like yourself again—or even better. This isn't about just getting by; it's about making this chapter one of immense personal growth and flourishing health.

Why this program?

 Menopause is not a pathology or a disease; it's a natural phase of life, much like puberty. However, common misconceptions and a one-size-fits-all approach to health can leave many women struggling. That's why we focus on holistic lifestyle changes that honor your unique body and experiences. This program isn’t just about easing symptoms; it’s about rewriting your menopausal journey.

If you're like many of the women I work with, you're in the thick of life's busiest years— managing a demanding job, raising children, and perhaps even caring for aging parents. It's a time when you're being pulled in every direction, all while your body is undergoing significant hormonal recalibrations that affect your mental and physical wellbeing.

I understand how overwhelming this can feel. You're expected to handle everything seamlessly, but sometimes, it just seems like too much. This program is for you if you're seeking support during this transformative phase. It’s a place where you can learn to navigate these changes with grace and empowerment, reduce stress, and truly support yourself.

Impact on You?

Understanding and Empowerment: Break free from a passive relationship with your body and embrace the unique, powerful changes brought about by perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. Learn the true nature of these life stages and gain insights into why this phase is not a syndrome to fear but a transition to master.

Balanced Nutrition for
Total Well-being

Discover foods that naturally balance your hormones, offering not only immediate relief from menopausal symptoms but also fostering long-term health benefits. Gain natural strategies to alleviate hot flushes, improve sleep and mood swings, enhance energy levels and help you manage your weight.

Sleep Deep:

Understand and tackle the complexities of sleep during perimenopause. While hormonal changes play a significant role, other factors such as shifts in mood, stress levels, and daily rhythms also contribute to sleep disruptions. Learn and implement effective sleep hygiene habits and strategies as well as practical tools to gently return to sleep if you awaken during the night.

Empower Your Body with Fitness:

Discover the power of fitness, movement, and exercise, not only on your hormonal balance but also on improving bone density, increasing muscle strength, aiding weight management, and enhancing emotional well-being. Learn which activities are most effective, how often to engage in them, and why each type of exercise plays a crucial role in navigating this life stage with grace, strength, and vitality.

Regulate Your Nervous System for Holistic Well-being:

Master techniques in breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness rooted in yogic practices. Each week we will engage in breathing practices and mindfulness techniques that do more than calm — they transform. Learn how to regulate your nervous system throughout the day, reduce stress hormones, and enhance mental focus and clarity. Experience a range of benefits including decreased depression and anxiety, improved life satisfaction, and reduced blood pressure.

Cultivate Deep Self-Love and Compassion: 

This period of life can be challenging as societal values around youth and appearance shift. Many women also find they've lost touch with their own desires after years of prioritizing others. Our guided practices help you rebuild a loving relationship with yourself, fostering emotional and psychological resilience. Discover profound self-compassion and reconnect with your inner desires. 

How does it work?

You will learn experientially – you will apply the learning to your life over the course of the five week workshop.

The Program includes five 1.5 hour expert-led sessions:

  • Mindfulness and Breathing Practices: Each session will include breathwork and mindfulness practices. These are foundation and critical disciplines that have the power to transform your body, brain, emotional wellbeing and your life.
  • Interactive Activities: Engage in meaningful activities that combine learning with practical application. Through guided breathwork, meditation, journaling, and reflection exercises, you'll not only absorb information but also apply it in real-time.
  • Supportive Community: Join a group of like-minded women who are on the same journey. Share, learn, and grow together.
  • Implementation of Micro-practices: Throughout the program, you'll engage in small, manageable micro-practices that seamlessly fit into your daily routine. They are designed to forge new neural pathways in your brain. By consistently applying these practices, you will transform your perimenopausal experience and become a new improved you. 
  • Personal Journals: Throughout the program you will also track your progress, symptoms, and successes. We are excited to have you witness your transformation week by week

Meet Your Facilitators

Meet Monica:

As an executive development specialist, Certified International Health Coach, Yoga Therapist and holistic health enthusiast, Monica guides individuals and organizations towards ease in a hectic world. Through transformative talks, workshops and coaching focused on resilience, wellbeing and menopause she helps busy individuals prioritize their wellbeing and thrive. Monica recently published her first book entitled "A New Way to Be - Becoming Resilient One Habit, Breath and Moment at a Time."

Monica Bodurka -  Author, Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Coach & Mother



Meet Paula:

She is an award-winning mindfulness coach, yoga therapist, speaker and writer dedicated to helping you move from striving to thriving by accessing the power of the present moment. With over 20 years of experience in the field of mindful leadership and health, she is passionate about helping people integrate ease, clarity and wellbeing into all aspects of their life. 

Paula Vital  -  Lawyer, Coach, Yoga Therapist, & Mother

What our people are saying:

"Monica, the combination of your practice, your presence and your patience makes you such a powerful healer. You are going to save the souls of 1000's of people. I say this because I can feel the progress as I continue to practice what you have taught me. I will be finding you again for sure. It's not just what you teach, but it's your ability to sit with a person and "hold them". You are so good at that. You really are a powerful healer. I mean it !!!"


"I had the opportunity to work with Monica in developing a customized yoga regimen to support my health outcomes. She is a knowledgeable and caring person and I have appreciated the support, tools, and information she provided me with to work my own program. Monica always seemed so willing to share suggestions and ideas toward wellness which I could try out and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with her. I have recommended her to others."

Paula K

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Thriving Through Perimenopause & Beyond FAQs

Not to worry!  Recordings will be available following the live sessions for those who can't make it.

The workshop is delivered online and extra materials are delivered via email. As long as you have an email address and access to the internet you can participate.  You can also learn on any device including iPhone or android.  

  1. Five Live 1.5-hour web sessions
  2. Take-home materials to help re-enforce your learning in between sessions.

Our 30 day money back guarantee!

If you attend all the sessions and do the at-home micro practices for the duration of the program AND at the end are not satisfied, we will provide a full refund.We hope to see you soon! Your friend, Monica


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