Why Resilience Matters? 

This video is a sample from a recent live coach training session.


Spring session starts soon

Hit the link below to get all the details about the upcoming offering of the Certified Resilience Coach Program.  Don't forget to use the discount code APRIL2022 to save $200!

Certified Resilience Coach Program

Embody Resilience

Our clients rely on us to be strong, composed and focused. This program starts with you developing your own resilience, health and well-being.

Coach Resilience

You will learn resilience-coaching best practices and take on the role of a resilience coach for 8 weeks. Understanding how to create habit change in clients is key to becoming a masterful resilience coach.

Grow your business

Position yourself to make a difference for your clients where their need is greatest and in a manner that is most effective.  Do maximum good and watch your business grow.

“I now embed “building resilience” as a core principle in all of my coaching. When we can help our clients build tiny daily habits to strengthen their resilience, all aspects of their life become more open to transformation.”

Tara S,