Be Your Best

The content and structure of Resilient by Design is purpose built to deliver.

Physical Mastery

In module one we explore the habits and behaviours which support our physical mastery. We learn how sleeping deep, eating consciously and moving often are the keys to improved health, increased energy, higher cognitive function and reduced stress.

Self Awareness

In module two we delve into the practices that support our mental and emotional well-being. We explore and practice mindfulness. We experience the benefits of a positive mindset. We discover how fundamental real, authentic connections are to not only our health and wellbeing, but also to getting through adversity. Finally, we delve into work recovery. We create important boundaries from work, technology and social media to recharge and ultimately become more productive.

Intentional Orientation

In module three we develop an intentional orientation. Resilient individuals tend to have purpose, know their values and have a vision that is compelling to them and which informs their decisions.

Many dream of a better life but don’t articulate what that means or create strategies to get there. In this module we do it together. We discover what is important to us, articulate our values, and create a vision for our lives. Finally, we create tangible action steps to get us moving in the “right” direction.


Easy to understand videos lay out the content and set the stage to empower you to become more resilient.

We know your time is precious.  These videos are succinct and will move you quickly into action.

Intentional action

Let Resilient by Design be the vehicle which gets you into action in your life.  

Follow the model and make one small change per week.  Stack these small changes to become a happier, healthier, more energized and productive you.

Making change stick

Knowledge alone is insufficient to create positive sustainable behaviour change.

Resilient by Design was built using the latest research in the neuroscience of behaviour change. Focused attention, mindful action, repetition and accountability are some strategies built right into the program design to help create new neuro-pathways in your brain.

Are you living your best life?

Much of life comes down to the decisions we make and the actions we take. Complete this 10 week program and become healthier, happier and stronger.


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