Healthier, happier & more resilient


“We all need resilience to live a fulfilling life. With resilience, you’ll be more prepared to take on challenges, to develop your talents, skills, and abilities so that you can live with more purpose and more joy.” - Eric Grietens


Resilient by Design is a 10-week on-line program designed to cultivate and enhance your resilience and engage you in the life skills and wellness habits proven to promote self-awareness and peak performance.


The fast-paced, hyper-connected, competitive and disrupted nature of the world today is placing new and increasing pressures on us and the organizations we work for.  Strategies to build personal resilience and the life-skills to flourish despite the stresses of today’s world have never been more important.


In this 10-week program we cultivate resilience. We examine the key components of resilience and explore evidence-based, resilience-building tactics in the core areas of physical mastery, self-awareness and intentional living.

The aim is to create positive, sustainable behaviours, thoughts and actions that translate not only to greater resiliency but also confidence, health and happiness.


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