Optimizing the physical, mental, emotional health of employees while empowering them with energy and resiliency has a major impact not only on the health and productivity of employees, but also the operational and financial health of your organization.


Provide your employees with training which results in better decision-making, increased creativity, innovation, improved morale and organizational vitality. A happier, healthier more energized and resilient team will allow organizations to function at their competitive best. 

The following is a list of programs, workshops and seminars available. Sessions are fully customized and may be offered as a 1 hour presentation, ½ day seminar, full day seminar, 10 week program (2 hours per week) and may include coaching at regular intervals. 







Resilient by Design

The live Resilient by Design experience is delivered in 3 or more sessions spread over a three month period.  The experience includes live sessions, personal challenge exercises, accountability systems, personal coaching and unlimited access to our RbD online training tools.

This program engages participants in the life skills and wellness habits proven to promote self-awareness, personal strength and resilience.


The objective of the program is:


(a)  To create an awareness of the daily habits and behaviours that build a strong body, mind and spirit.


(b)  To facilitate the adoption of daily practices in support of participants’ excellence and potential development.  Namely, to provide a resilience-building roadmap consisting of knowledge, practices (action), accountability and reinforcement.


(c)  To create a spirit of excitement and possibility around becoming one’s best through the disciplines of self-care and self- awareness.



Resilience in a Stressful Environment

Our work environments today are characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.  Consequently, individuals face dynamic and difficult challenges which require new and evolving skill sets.  

In this workshop, participants will discover technique to improve their health and optimize their performance in a stressful workplace environment.  Participants will identify what resilience is and how to cultivate it.  They will also explore how resilience practices can help them to operate, coach and manage in ways that tap into individual strengths, flexibility and ultimately, performance.

Peak Performance - The Practices of Peak Performers

Health: the Foundation for High Performance Leadership 

This workshop consists of performance enhancing bio-hacks and actionable insights in clean eating, stress reduction, positive psychology and physiology to achieve better health and ultimately better performance at work, home and play.


Yoga Therapy for the Office
Address the aches and pains caused by inactivity or a sedentary job.  Boost your energy and mental acuity while learning how to breathe, meditate and relax.  This customized program addresses common afflictions of the sedentary work environment included Kyphosis (hunching) and other posture related issues.

Boost Your Energy Naturally – It is Possible

What would your life be like with an abundance of energy and vitality? What simple lifestyle habits can you implement to feel better, look better and show up as your best.  In this session we discuss  how to boost your energy naturally and receive a simple guide to kick  for good.

We examine the 3 pillars of physical well-being and offer evidence based tips and habits that are shown to augment overall wellbeing and energy in each. 

Conscious Eating

Eating clean is not a diet – it is a lifestyle. It is a mindful approach to food consumption and preparation. In this workshop we explore the basic principles of clean eating including how to plan, what to buy, what to eat/drink and how much. We also discuss menu planning ideas for families and eating clean in the office as well as while traveling for work. This workshop can be expanded to include other clean living ideas to optimize health.