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“A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.” - Eric Grietens

The Certified Resilience Coach Program (CRCP) is a 12-week blended program designed

to teach you everything you need to know about how to cultivate resilience, ease, joy and

vibrant well-being in yourself and your clients.

The fast-paced, hyper-connected, competitive and disrupted nature of the world today is placing new and increasing pressures on us all.  Change and stress have grown exponentially along with the breakdown of our mental and physical health.  Strategies to build personal resilience and the life-skills to flourish despite the stresses of today’s world have never been more important.

Rooted in the latest evidence-based behaviour-change principles and lifestyle management best-practices, the CRCP addresses all the core competencies of resilience coaching within a single program experience.  In this program you will: 


Our clients rely on us to be strong, composed and focused. This program starts with you developing your own resilience, health and well-being.


You will learn resilience-coaching best practices and take on the role of a resilience coach for 8 weeks. Understanding how to create habit change in clients is key to becoming a masterful resilience coach.



The program includes a done-for-you resilience coaching system. It also allows you to earn:

36 International Coach Federation continuing education credits: 20 core and 16 resource; a Certified Resilience Coach designation; and business opportunities.

The Certified Resilience Coach Program offers you a wealth of knowledge, practical skills and made-for-you tools to inspire you and your clients to make positive sustainable changes that lead to enhanced health, happiness and sustainable resilience. It is a science-backed, heart-centered path to living a better quality life.  


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